About US

Visible Ink is an annual anthology promoting emerging Australian writers and artists. We are committed to publishing new and diverse voices, and are keen to read work that adopts a fresh perspective. We want submissions that sit at the literary margins, and that are created by writers whose voices are too often silenced or unheard. Most of all, we want to be affected, we want to be moved, and we want to be astounded by your submissions. Give us your best writing, please!

Produced and published by a collective of RMIT students, Visible Ink was established in 1989 by the Professional Writing and Editing program and now encompasses a broad range of talented students that are committed to curating Australia’s creative best. Each year a new voluntary team produces the Visible Ink anthology, providing hands-on experience for the next generation of editors, agents and publishers. The collective’s role is not limited to curating the anthology’s contents, but involves a yearlong process of applying for grants, fundraising and events, marketing and distribution. 

Visible Ink believes that all artists should be paid for their work and strives to source funds in the hope of keeping the Australian literary market strong. With increasing cuts to art funding, this means that we rely heavily on the generosity of others and the support of the likeminded. Visible Ink may be a long running anthology, but please help us make it a widely circulated publication that supports local emerging professionals of the literary community.