'Petrichor' – Issue #27

'Petrichor' – Issue #27

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"A steady plink of drops falling from the roof added out-of-time percussion to the piano. We rely on the kindness of fishes to lick us clean. Underwater. Death and end. But I am still here. The symbolic deaths of reading and writing, and then re-birth. The interweaving of reading, putting the book down and returning to the text. Chunky rain plunks. Petrichor."

- Ania Walwicz

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Angela Argent, Cassy  Cochrane, Grace Easton, Andrea Gillum, Judith A Green, Matilda Grogan, Alinta Krauth, Jay  Ludowyke, Melissa  Manning, Marilyn Miller, Mihaela Nicolescu, Carly Nugent, Alessandro Pennini, Marion Piper, Jennifer Porter, Izzy  Roberts-Orr, Anna Ryan-Punch, Andrea Simpson, Anita Smith, Carl Walsh, J Richard Wrigley, Ruth Wyer and Caitlin Ziegler.