Call for Submissions: Trace Edition

Call for Submissions: Trace Edition

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Visible Ink wants your words, your art, and your hot take on Trace — the theme of our thirtieth edition. An annual literary anthology, we are accepting submissions of fiction and non-fiction, poetry and visual art. All published contributors will be paid — see below for rates.


As both verb and noun, the word ‘trace’ invokes the dialectical nature of human connection. We trace the call, or we hang up. A trace is a mark of existence or passing. It is a harness-strap. It is a shadowed past tense that we cast unwillingly or pursue in search of the present. It is the memory of a thing, not the thing itself. A trace is scarcely discernible. It is latent, yet often imperative. We trace things to the fount, or wish the trail cold. A trace is a bullet whose course is made visible by a spoor of flames or smoke, used to assist in aiming. It is a warm gun: did you shoot or were you shot?

In British English there’s a phrase, ‘kick over the traces’ — meaning to reject discipline or act independently. We encourage you to do this, to respond strongly to the theme, to show us something fresh and vital about yourself, this world, power, language or art. The most boring sense of the word trace is to copy.

Submissions close midnight July 20 2018.


  • fiction and non-fiction: up to 2,000 words
  • flash: up to 500 words
  • poetry: up to 50 lines
  • artworks: 300DPI minimum


  • Do not include your name anywhere on your submission — include it only in the form below. Visible Ink submissions are blind read.
  • All submissions must be original and unpublished work.
  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • For administrative purposes, a $3 fee will be charged.
  • Please submit written work double-spaced, in a serif font and PDF format.
  • Artworks must be in TIFF or JPG format.


  • fiction and non-fiction: $75 per published piece
  • poetry, visual art and flash: $50 per published piece


Visible Ink recognises that institutional violence operates to silence and oppress many minorities. Although submissions are blind read, we hope to platform diverse voices and perspectives. Those of First Nations, LGBTQI and refugee communities, people of colour and those with a disability are encouraged to submit. Visible Ink would also like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land — in particular the Wurundjeri people, on whose land the anthology is primarily produced — and to recognise elders past, present, and future.


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Visible Ink Presents Trivia Night at the Queensberry Hotel

Visible Ink Presents Trivia Night at the Queensberry Hotel

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'The End' Is Here! Find #29 On Our Online Store